Why choose a Holistic Dentist?

Why choose a Holistic Dentist?

Holistic dentistry is growing in Australia as people become more conscious about their health. The population is increasingly concerned about the health and environmental impacts encountered in their day-to-day lives. Holistic dentists offer a way to make more proactive and conscious choices about health care.

"A holistic dentist will prioritise their patient’s overall health when deciding on a course for dental treatment, rather than just addressing the symptoms of an immediate problem."

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, describes a holistic dental practitioner as one “who believes that treatment of individual conditions takes place only by reference to the whole.” A holistic dentist will prioritise their patient’s overall health when deciding on a course for dental treatment, rather than just addressing the symptoms of an immediate problem. This means a holistic dentist approaches dental problems with a long-term perspective, aiming to address the root cause of the issues to deliver what is an ultimately more effective result.

Holistic Dentistry means combining traditional dental treatments with a focus on diet, lifestyle, other health conditions to ultimately optimise the health of the oral environment.

Lifestyle choices and everyday habits can play an important role in your dental health - holistic dentistry aims to recognise these interconnected variables when making treatment decisions.

The common points of interest for holistic dentists are:

  • Avoiding mercury amalgam fillings: not placing amalgam, and removing amalgam fillings safely. A thorough holistic dentist will be SMART certified to protect their patients from mercury exposure.
  • Prioritising biocompatibility of materials: choosing materials that integrate with the body without causing any problems or harmful effects. A comprehensive holistic dentist will offer metal free alternative treatments.
  • Effectively addressing oral infection: holistic dentists understand the problems and risks associated with root canal treatments leaving residual infections. A thorough holistic dentist will use lasers for root canal procedures or recommend alternative treatment options.
  • Avoiding harmful chemicals: a good holistic dentist will heavily scrutinise products to avoid harmful chemical like BPA.
  • Minimising patient radiation exposure: holistic dentists will avoid overexposing patients to radiation from X-rays, ideally offering low radiation scans like CBCT as an alternative.

If you are a health conscious person who would like to understand how your dental and oral health can play a big role on your overall wellbeing - holistic dentistry will probably be a good choice for you.

At Laser + Holistic Dental - we have developed our treatment philosophy through years of research and practice. It is our belief that dental treatment should always be health enhancing - rather than a stress to your system. Our dentists embrace science and technology to offer our patients the best dental care possible.

Laser + Holistic Dental is a holistic dentist in Melbourne, Australia.

Located in South Yarra, Laser + Holistic Dental treats patients with a comprehensively holistic philosophy - embracing technology for a new approach to dentistry.

Services include: laser root canals, SMART mercury filling removal, metal free implants, NightLase snoring treatments, safe teeth whitening and more.

New patients are most welcome.

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