What is a Biological Dentist?

What is a Biological Dentist?

Biological dentistry is a term far more common in the United States than Australia. When used correctly the terms ‘Biological Dentist’ and ‘Holistic Dentist’ are interchangeable. Unfortunately holistic dentistry has now reached buzzword status - where many dental clinics claim to be holistic without doing more than simply not placing mercury amalgam fillings.

A biological or holistic dentist will approach your dental care from the perspective that the oral environment plays an important role in overall health. A truly biological or holistic dentist will critically assess evidence to make the best clinical decisions for their patients. They will prioritise things like the biocompatibility of dental materials, avoiding harmful chemicals, thoroughly treating infections, minimising radiation exposure and having a concern for dentistry’s impact on the environment.

When comparing the biological/holistic approach with traditional dentistry - the differences are clear.

Conventional dentistry does a good job at addressing individual problems with individual solutions - focusing on resolving issues in the teeth or gums.

Whilst a well intentioned practitioner may choose to fill a patient's tooth with a mercury amalgam filling as they were taught in dental school, the dentist is likely to expose themselves, the patient, the dental staff and the environment to toxic levels of mercury.

A dentist addressing the same problem from the biological/holistic perspective would know that placing a toxic substance like mercury into the patient’s tooth is likely to cause harm. This dentist would understand that evidence suggests mercury vapour constantly leaks from amalgam fillings, and that any mercury waste goes straight back into the air and water - polluting the environment.

While some dentists would never place a mercury amalgam filling, a truly biological or holistic dentist would always choose an alternative material with the best biocompatibility.

Many resins commonly used in dental fillings contain chemicals like BPA which are well known to cause problems by disrupting the endocrine system. A thorough biological or holistic dentist would choose a filling material that is free of chemicals like BPA, that will meet the clinical needs of the patient.

At Laser + Holistic Dental - we embrace science and technology to offer our patients the best dental care possible. Our dentists rely on scientific evidence to make important decisions about the biocompatibility of the materials we use, treating infections and improving overall health by treating the root cause of problems.

Laser + Holistic Dental is a holistic dentist in Melbourne, Australia.

Located in South Yarra, Laser + Holistic Dental treats patients with a comprehensively holistic philosophy - embracing technology for a new approach to dentistry.

Services include: laser root canals, SMART mercury filling removal, metal free implants, NightLase snoring treatments, safe teeth whitening and more.

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