Biological vs Holistic – what is the difference?

Biological vs Holistic - What is the difference?

A biological dentist and a holistic dentist are the same thing. In Australia the term ‘Holistic Dentist’ is far more common than the term ‘Biological Dentist’ which is popular overseas - especially in USA and Canada.

It seems that in North America, Biological dentistry receives more attention than in Australia. Overseas, organisations like the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT) lead research on important issues like the safety of dental materials, addressing controversial topics like mercury amalgam fillings.

Unfortunately in Australia, many dentists position themselves as holistic because they do not place mercury amalgam fillings. There are only a few dental practitioners in Australia who treat their patients with a comprehensive biological/holistic approach.

When choosing a new dentist - we recommend that you look at their position on issues such as:

  • Mercury Amalgam - do they place it? How do they remove it? Are they SMART certified?
  • Chemicals - do they use materials containing things like Fluoride and BPA?
  • Root Canals - do they use additional technologies to disinfect the root canal system?
  • Biocompatibility - do they use metals or choose metal free options like zirconia?
  • Orthodontics & Sleep - are they educated and trained in areas where dental factors like jaw arches and tongue size can impact on a wide range of other health issues?
Laser + Holistic Dental practises science-based holistic dentistry - embracing modern technology such as lasers to offer our patients the best dental care possible. We were the first SMART certified dentist in Australia, and place great importance on biocompatibility of all dental treatments.

Laser + Holistic Dental is a holistic dentist in Melbourne, Australia.

Located in South Yarra, Laser + Holistic Dental treats patients with a comprehensively holistic philosophy - embracing technology for a new approach to dentistry.

Services include: laser root canals, SMART mercury filling removal, metal free implants, NightLase snoring treatments, safe teeth whitening and more.

New patients are most welcome.

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